which the best and easy to use between this servers in Linux environment: 1- Web server. 2- Mail Server. 3- FTP server ?

March 21, 2018 1.4k views
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please can you help me ?
I have project about this servers and i have to choice one of them to write report about installing and configuring

1 Answer

You question is not quite clear? Are you asking what is the best linux distribution to use?

If so, Ubuntu probably would be the easiest to start with as there is a tremendous amount of tutorials and community support available.

  • I was asking about the server
    Which is better in terms of installation and ease of use on the Ubuntu ?

    • Ohhhh ok... My personal Preferences

      1 - Web Server - NGINX
      2 - Mail Server - Postfix + Dovecot
      3 - FTP Server - SFTP and/or SSHFS

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