Which VPS plan should i take for installing OPen ERP.

December 12, 2014 2.8k views

I want to install Open ERP with 2 users, which plan should i go for? Is the plan below sufficient for installing Open ERP?
$ 10 / mo , 1GBMemory, 1 Core Processor, 30GBSSD Disk, 2TBTransfer.

  • I think is not a “number of users” question, but an “intensity of use” question :D


    PS Otherwise, in odoo you have got a free plan for 2 user…

  • rakshadolphin less than a minute ago

    I am pursuing PhD and my study area is implementation process of OpenERP.
    I don’t want a ready OpenERP as in Odoo. I want to learn it. So please suggest an appropriate Digital Ocean Hosting plan.

1 Answer

I just installed odoo on that plan, having another app running. It is definitely smoother than trying amazon t1 free tier, 750mb Ram are definitively too low to have fun. I get a lot of XmlHttpRequestError , not sure, if that is related to lack of ram, yet. But to try out stuff, you even should get around with that error.

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