which will be the best OS for hosting a MMORPG text based mafia game ?

September 22, 2014 3.2k views

Which will be the best OS for hosting a MMORPG text based mafia game ? I am using ubuntu 14 now

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I'd say if it's Ubuntu you're using now and Ubuntu that you know then continue to use Ubuntu.

The different distros will likely support all the software you'll require for the game. Whether that be a web server (Apache, Nginx, lighttpd), database server (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, CouchDB) or programming libs (PHP, Python, Ruby) so it shouldn't matter what you use.

So unless you have specific requirements use what you know and focus more on building the game.

If you have any further concerns about using Ubuntu do say though and maybe we can find something better suited.

  • first of all 'thank you so much for replying..'
    and yes my game is based on script based massively multiplayer mafia game
    with is made with : PHP,jquery,html,css,mysql etc .. if someone intrested in helping me please mail me : paynenandhu@gmail.com
    and thanks in regards.

  • @eminem in that case Ubunutu will be more than good enough for your use case then :)

and if someone is good in PHP very well mail me with the mail id .
and we can work out the game ..a bit

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