Who's using this service to sell hosting?

September 23, 2012 6.4k views
Hi all, Just wondering who out there has a server set up to sell hosting plans, what OS you chose, and the Control Panel?
6 Answers
Not exactly selling hosting but sharing the space with a few friends and the control panel helps a lot :)
I'm using CentOS + Directadmin (I've a lifetime license with them)
Cool, I'm tryin to host my own sites as well as sell hosting; using CentOs, Zpanel, and THT (The Hosting Tool). Thanks for the response.
I would highly recommend cPanel
Can't afford cPanel.
Got a coupon?
For low-budget solution, try z-panel (freeware)
At roughly $15/month for cPanel, I'd hope you aren't trying to become a legitimate business if you can't afford that.
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