Whois on IRC returns IP instead of domain

October 16, 2015 2.9k views


I have a domain EXAMPLE.se pointing towards a nameserver outside Digial Ocean.

On that nameservers host i have setup a A-record to my IPadress, irc.EXAMPLE.se

I can connect fine with ssh root@irc.EXAMPLE.se

But when I use irssi and such, and people /whois me, they get root@ instead of root@irc.EXAMPLE.se

How can I fix this? ( is obviously not my ip…)

thank you

2 Answers

I figured it out, just name the droplet to the correct hostname in the DO settings and they fix the PTR record!

i have bought domain from namecheap.com and at namecheap panel -> domain settings i have put my DO vps’s ip address as A Record, ip has been pointed to domain as vc-mp.co.uk but whois on irc returns ip not domain. Help would be appreciated.

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