Why all tests I do about ipv6 says I don't have AAAA records?

December 22, 2016 2.2k views
DigitalOcean IPv6 CentOS DNS

Hi, I have a question about setting up the ipv6 in my website.
I have added my AAAA record in my domain that is using a droplet with centos. The domain is

But, when I make some tests about the ipv6, it says that I don’t have AAAA records, as you can see in the next site:
(if you type pbpusa.org the error is there).
So I don’t know how can I fix this setting.

Thanks so much. :)

1 Answer

You have AAAA record set up for domain and looks like it’s right. AAAA DNS record is showing green check mark, so it’s OK.

Problem is that server is unreachable. That means that when for example you ping server via IPv6, it doesn’t respond. Make sure you configured IPv6 on your server.
If you enabled IPv6 on already created Droplet, configuration is required - How To Enable IPv6 for DigitalOcean Droplets.

by Melissa Anderson
IPv6 is the most recent version of the IP protocol that the entire internet relies on to connect to other locations. DigitalOcean now offers IPv6 addresses in all datacenters. In this guide, we will show you how to enable IPv6 on your Droplets.
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