Why am I getting 'This site can’t be reached ...' on Nginx Server Block?

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Hello All,

I have setup a LEMP One-Click Droplet on Ubuntu 18.04, and then went to the next recommended step of creating/setting up Nginx Server Blocks (

I tried this the other night fully manually, and was running into the same issue, so I opted to go the One-Click route this time hoping to resolve any issues.

Unfortunately, when trying to access my domain name (which I have pointed to my Droplet’s IP address) I am getting a page which reads…

‘This site can’t be reached 'example’.rip’s server IP address could not be found.
Search Google for very bad things rip

I can’t for the life of me figure out what is causing this. My config file’s server_name for this site is pointing to '’ and www.'example’.rip. Is the issue that my website is using a ’.rip’ domain name? I wasn’t able to save my config file as '’ because it then turns that file into a .RIP file – so I opted to just save it as 'example’ but from what I can see from the DO default file it saved in there I shouldn’t need to use the full domain name for the config file as long as the settings inside are correct?

Let me know what I need to provide to help resolve this issue.

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  • Looks like I left my domain’s name in the body of my question accidentally, and can’t seem to edit it or delete and resubmit. Oh well, cat’s out of the bag now.

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You need to keep the full domain name in your server_name list. Having only the first part of the domain without the domain extension would not work.

Have you tried adding http:// in your browser before your domain to see if that would work?

Can you share your Nginx config here so that I could try and advise you further?


  • Hey Bobby,

    Thanks for the timely reply. Not sure 100% what happened (think it was my browser caching the broken version,) but I was able to access my domain from a different computer today. Upon returning home I tried to access from the same computer I was struggling to access with and it all seems to be working well.

    Thanks again though.

    I should note/clarify – my full domain name is in the server_name list, I was saying that I saved the config file itself with out the .rip extension (the guide shows ‘’ I basically did 'example’) to avoid having the file become a .RIP file.