Why are images not showing up in my WordPress digital library?

October 22, 2019 1.9k views
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Pictures I upload to my WordPress digital library are not displaying properly. I can see the pictures when I click on them and edit them, but not when I am in grid viewing mode nor when I insert them into the website.

I have tried to disable all my plugins, and even my theme to see if those were an issue. Disabling did NOT work, and my pictures still do not display.

Any help would be appreciated.

1 Answer

Hi @cornhub,

Can you please open your console. If you are using Google Chrome press F12 . Once it’s opened, press CONSOLE and reload the page, there you’ll see some errors which you can post here in order to further assist you.


  • Here is what I see in the console

    Example link

  • Let me know if I should expand the arrow next to the GET line

    • Hi @cornhub,

      Thank you for the screenshot. Can you please SSH to your Droplet like

      ssh root@IP

      And check your WebServer’s Error Log alongside your PHP error log in order to see if there is anything else displayed there?


      • @KDSys I do not have PHP installed, should I have done the LAMP install when setting up my website? I’m new (week old) to making WordPress websites. I do have Apache and can see the error log.

        • Hi @cornhub,

          Wordpress is using PHP so you must have PHP otherwise the whole website won’t run. So most probably, you’ll just need to enable php error log for your website.

          I can give you steps for that if you are unsure how to do so or you wish to try it out yourself first?


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