Why are u asking for my picture with my id?

Posted July 23, 2017 8.8k views

After creating an account on digital ocean I got an option to verify my account. I filled in the details and got an email after few hours saying this -

We are excited to have you as a DigitalOcean customer. Thank you for the information you have provided thus far. To help us verify your identity, please send us a photo of you holding your government-issued photo ID or passport to with this ticket’s ID in the subject.

I have already made a paypal payment of 5 USD as well. I know you have given a reason in the email but that doesnt seem good enough to me. May I know why would you need my Picture with my id but when my friend signed up for Digital ocean you guys never asked him for an Id. Why are u asking me for an Id? Seems Strange to me.

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This must be digitaloceans campaign to send all new potential customers to their competition. Brilliant move guys. What genius decided it was a great idea to have a person sign up, require their credit card details, then DERAIL then entire process by DEMANDING they take their time to find all these documents and take perfect pictures to upload etc.??? And what happens when you guys get hacked? Did anyone think this through?

I’m feeling like digital ocean was some redirected backdor scamming site.
A site that stole my credit card, id, live pitcure, adress etc....

I have never experienced anything like this before in my life!
I wanted to make a mail server fast. I bought domain-name and system and they digitalocean does like this. Wooow…

after taking my credit card info without telling my why, without telling me how much it will withdraw from it, then asking for a selfie and an id scan to upload, this is very sensitive information to share when all I want is to try docker and a bunch of web apps, I felt like checking the URL multiple times to see if I’m being scammed by another website. canceled my account immediately

Feel very bad after paid 5 dollars with paypal and it locked and said i need to verify.

Did someone get a reimbursement for this? I also am in the same situation, willing to use their service, not willing to give a picture.

What in the hell is this!!!!!!!!
I signed up for VPS and they are asking me to give up my picture and passport!
Shame on you Digital Ocean, you and others like you are the reason why this world is so screwdup.

Hi @coolbunnys

This is the community forum, so we cannot help you with verification or any statements.

You need to contact Support (or reply to the email) to get answers.

Can you at least tell me if Driver license will be an acceptable Id proof for verification.

  • @coolbunnys

    You can use any governmentally issued identification, but I think a picture is required, so for many countries that would be driver license, social ID and of course passport.

    If you used a credit card, then you would probably not be required to verify your account, but if you use an PayPal account, then DigitalOcean requires a bit more verification to avoid abuse of their platform.

    • I just signed up and this exact thing happened to me when I used a credit card. Looks like I will not be using digital ocean. This kind of unintelligent BS leaves a super sour taste in new customers mouths. Great move. doesn’t require this quackery. This is the first time in over a decade I have encountered such idiocy and the support system is useless.

yeah locked after payment really a bad user experience, now I’m wasting my time browsing the web for why it failed. wtf are you thinking? should ask this before paypal. seriously considering to refund my paypal right now

The same story here decided to give a try to DO, after paying 5$ they asked a photo ID, good luck, I am out.

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