Why are Yahoo and Gmail blacklisting DigitalOcean IPs?

Posted February 13, 2014 9.7k views
I have experienced the following situations: 1. I have been using 2 DO droplets as personal VPN when working from public hotspots. Well, I found that gmail claims the IPs to be from Iran and from Indonesia, (when they belong to NYC and SF datacenters), and I am blocked access to such services as adsense and analytics. Since google is supposed to know better, this incongruency appears to me to be on purpose, not by mistake. 2. I have used a third droples for two months to host a couple of development sites. Wel, yahoo blocks all email from this server with the message: "All messages from xx.xx.xx.xx will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed" I have added dkim and spf records for the domain, and contacted yahoo support, but to no avail. I am quite sure my server has not been sending bulk email, but fearing the server was compromised, I then spun another droplet and migrated the domain to the new address. But even the first email I sent from the fresh new IP was immediately blocked by yahoo. At least gmail lets the emails through, so yahoo's position appears more damaging to me (but even being falsely labeled as connecting from Iran or Indonesia can be damaging - no disrespect meant to those two countries).
  • I’m getting exactly the same. I thought it was me not getting my email set up quite right on the first attempt and yahoo being picky. Then when I flushed the queue I blocked by others too. DOH! The others were soon sorted.

    Yahoo has been days with back and forth emails. All I get from Yahoo is “suggestions” on what I might do. All of which I’ve done, days ago. Even signing up for Yahoo CFL. And yet still emails are blocked. Is it any wonder I’ve called their system admins brain dead in my latest email :-/. OK I shouldn’t have but really it’s beyond a joke that they can’t sort out block innocent parties.

    FYI this is just a village newsletter, about 100 users, 6 on yahoo. No problem the other 94 email addresses! My IP checks out clean on blacklists. DKIM, spf, and PTR all ok.

  • Update. I’ve just found my IP listed here in an entry dated 2010-11-05. This seems an abandoned website as the news stops dec 2011. But maybe the blacklist servers are still active and Yahoo uses it? I’m not on any other black list. Is this a pattern?

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Maybe someone who previously had your IP was sending spam.
I have this exact same issue too, I am very worried, I have customer emails on there. Its a brand new server, no bulk emailing. I am new to Digital Ocean but if I cant fix this I'll have to move back to Linode. I don't get this issue with any of my other non-Digital Ocean servers.
My IP is not on any blacklist
I could not wait the time it takes for Yahoo to unblock it (if they will) so I moved al the accounts on the server to a new Linode server I created, and the emails went right away.