Why "/" can not be written on browser's console?

Posted July 16, 2014 17.2k views

I am working under a proxy so I can only access my machine on browser’s consol.(by clicking “access consol”. ) However, there is a problem I can not write “/” with shift+7. I tried every button combination but I failed. Do you have any idea?

I use windows 7 and Crome.

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Sorry to revive this age old thread, but as I could not find a solution anywhere on the web, here is my workaround:

What worked for me was switching the local keyboard layout of my macbook from German to US. (E.g. for mac see: )
Afterwards you have to type like if you had an english keyboard (e.g. if you have a physical german keyboard: type - in order to get a /), but at least it is then possible to type all special characters.

  • We had this problem on August, 2020 with a Magic Keyboard (the short one) connected to a Mac mini and this workaround was the only way we could use to bypass the problem.

    Thank you.

Solution here. Thank you Jonathan from DO :

*A few things to keep in mind when using our console. Our Console uses a strict US keyboard layout. If you’re using an international keyboard, we recommend using an on-screen software keyboard set to use a US layout. While in the console, please do not use ALT+TAB to switch windows (or other such combinations, such as CTRL+TAB). The reason for this is because once you switch windows, the previous key pressed remains in the console until the next time you return which can cause some key buffer input issues.

Additionally, copy and paste does not work as it would with a terminal emulator (i.e PuTTy or Terminal) — input for passwords is also hidden. You will need to manually type in any commands and passwords when using Console.

To reset the console, you can reboot the Droplet which will ensure a fresh connection. If you’re not able to SSH in, you can power cycle the Droplet from our control panel.*

4 years and no solution. Would it be wrong to call it ignorant US guys :-)

I am having the same problem (can’t type /) on DG with a droplet running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS… Really frustrating.

Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration and select the keyboard layout that you are using.

You can also press the key that’s beside the right shift key:

I tried using sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration but no combination of keyboard or locale/language worked for me.

The most critical part is that / and - are nowhere to be found, and in Linux you don’t get far without those characters :-)

Same question… :) how make a slash ?!?

  • Hi,
    did you find a solution to make a slash?

    • Old question but I’ll just add that you can insert ascii chars the traditional way by holding down alt, pressing numbers and then release alt.

      For example, ALT+47 is slash and ALT+92 is backslash. (search ascii table)

      • this isn’t working for me. Trying to get @ and alt-64 gives me ^[6^[4 in the console. Onscreen keyboard also doesn’t work.

        Only thing that works is changing to a US keyboard layout and hitting SHIFT-2

        Slash btw was easy for me - it’s on the numeric keyboard. Easy to miss!

I have a Slovenian keyboard if use my server with Putty. But if I use Console, then I simply can’t write some characters. I can use Alt+47 for slash (for example), but I simply can’t write - for a dash. It should be Alt+173, but I get something like ­­­Â- (two characters and I can’t delete ­­­Â).
Dash is quite important in Linux.
Any idea how to solve this problem?

I’m able to write a slash with a German keyboard by using the numeric keypad and the key ÷