Why can't I push changes made to HTML local files?

July 18, 2018 1.4k views
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Built a website and trying to push changes I made to my files locally. The file is in the main user folder of my laptop. Using this command scp -r ~/filepath root@ my changes don’t get pushed. Instead it runs through the same files over and over again until I have to close out terminal or my laptop dies. I’m working on a MacBook Pro using iTerm. No errors pop up it’ll just keep running through the same files over and over. Website is on a deadline so please advise!

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Hello friend!

I must admit that I’ve not personally witnessed SCP looping like that. My first instinct is to ask if there is a symbolic link in the directory which might be followed and then causing a loop. I think addressing the reason for that is probably the most important one to start with.

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