Why can't I use Credit card payment?

Posted August 7, 2014 14k views


Today I try to make a payment via my credit card, after I successfully added my CC, I can’t see any option to make the necessary payment. Therefore, I have to use only PayPal. How do I use my CC for payments?


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You don’t need to make a payment manually – your card will be billed automatically at the end of each month.

  • Like other VPS providers and the digital ocean PayPal payment system, can I make an advance payment? I rather like it.

  • Unfortunately, that is not possible. If you want to pre-pay for your droplets, you will have to use PayPal.

  • It is not possible due to sms authorization in many banks. I believe, they should make an option to pay directly without paypal cause it has they own glitches and in such situation customer has no way to make the payment at all :(

  • Unfortunately my bank reject attempt from digitalocean to charge account, and require authorization - how i can charge my account via credit card (i have no paypal - he does not work in my country)?
    p.s. credit card is correct

  • I would like (I actually need) to make a payment manually. My bank does not allow its credit cards to be charged automatically in the way that DigitalOcean does, but standard online payments are no problem.

    This is 3 years after the original complaints. If anyone is still monitoring this thread, could I please have the reason for not including manual and advance payments via CC?

It’s a little weird that you can’t charge the card you just added and you cannot remove the card you just added while having a negative balance. It’s like the card is being held hostage while I’ll I want to do is give you money. But I can’t.

The saving grace is that you can still create droplets while being in the red.

Hi (brazilian, sorry about my english),
About this question, my droplet will be powered-off if my credit ends or I don’t have to worry about this?
When they take this, exactly when my credit ends ($0) or when close to end?


I had a problem with my Paypal account and i thought i could clear out my outstanding balance with my sister’s credit-card (cuz i don’t own one) but as soon as i added the card the payment was not deducted but the card was held as hostage instead. funny that nowhere does it say that your card will be held hostage before adding it!

My suggestion to DO, as @c.b.udagama already said, please add an option where you can instantly pay without having to add your credit-card first. Thanks

Can i payment with Myanmar BIN MasterCard? 5195xxxxxxxxxx70

Similar issues here. I have a credit card (Mastercard) the details are the same as I am using for many other online providers (Github, Atlassian, AWS, Google). Digital ocean does not accept the details.

Seems like a pretty rookie error in payments. Wanted to try your docker hosting but now not very confident about the standards. Please advise.

Also message say’s “open a support ticket” and then gives zilch direction on where this happens. I know I can google it but seriously.......

I want to make manual prepayment with my credit card. How to do that?

Hopefully this helps someone. I was having issues adding a card with PO Box as a billing address. So what I did was enter the number first, and then “P.O. Box”. So if your address is like this:

P.O. Box 123

Enter it like this:

123 P.O. Box

Worked for me.