Why did my WordPress site stop working after setup?

Posted September 16, 2020 786 views
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I created a droplet this morning to host a WordPress blog and followed these instructions to get it up and running on Ubuntu 20.04:

I was able to access the web interface through my custom domain and go through the basic setup, but after installing a theme and trying to create a post, it stopped working and navigating to my domain throws me and error and tells me I was redirected too many times.

My droplet is still up and running and accessible, and I can access the bare bones of my site (without the WP theme) by navigating to https://<dropletpublixIPaddress>.

Does anyone have any idea why my domain would just stopped working out of nowhere? It is hosted in Cloudflare and no changes were made after I got it initially working.

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If you are able to access Wordpress directly by IP address it means that your web server is working correctly, as well as executing and serving Wordpress.

When you aren’t able to access it by the domain name after you installed a Wordpress theme it would indicate that either the WP Theme that you added was misconfigured or the WP theme itself is having an issue.

You will need to disable it and Wordpress should start working on the domain again and you will need to review the settings on the WP theme that you have installed to make sure there are no configuration errors there.

  • That sounds like a plan, I’m just not sure how to disable my theme considering I can’t access the admin panel due to the domain issue (clicking on the admin panel on the IP address site redirects me to the admin panel linked to my domain and throws an error).


    • Since you are having issues with accessing it through the web and the redirects you would need to disable it from the command line by logging into your droplet with SSH.

      Once you are logged in there are several routes you can take to disable it. Probably the easiest one to test is to goto your Wordpress installation and the plugins directory, find the selected plugin that you installed and rename it something else.

      For example :

      # cd wordpress-install-directory/plugins
      # mv plugin-name plugin-name.bad

      Secondly, you can see if the Wordpress command line tool is installed and enabled, it allows you to perform all of the admin commands through the command line. You can download it at:
      WP CLI

      And you can find a lot of different examples of how to disable plugins here: