Why Digital Ocean not Accepting My Visa Debit Card for Payments?

September 18, 2015 28k views
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I want to purchase digital ocean VPS hosting servers but at payment or billing section , digital ocean does not accepting my visa debit card. I’m using Standard Chartered visa debit, bank managements saying you can use your visa debit cards in online market for buy and selling. But digital ocean not accepting my card, I’m confuse and worried about that because I want to start my server as soon as possible.
PayPal not supported in my country so we can not utilize this service. Please help me to resolve that issue and to go ahead.

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  • I agree that this is outrageous. I’m not about to get a credit card just for this. This whole procedure is degrading and makes me feel like a second class citizen. While I fully understand trying to avoid fraud and fake accounts, guilty before proven innocent is not okay.

    Can’t even use the 10$ I got for a promo code. Not nice at all.

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Seriously guys, what gives? This is a huge red flag and I actually was ready to order some services from you and now I’m actively looking at other options. What is wrong with your company that you need to deny debit cards? Too cheap for proper insurance? Actually don’t answer - anything you say will not be acceptable - there’s legitimately NO good response here. I’m going elsewhere. Let me know when you mature as a company.

Please open a ticket with our support team so they can take a look. Due to issues with fraud some debit cards may not be accepted by default. In some cases, by verifying your account with our support team this restriction can be lifted.

Same thing for me. I’m trying to get the $10 gift my friend gave me but I cannot complete the process because of this. I just opened a ticket.

Same here - Visa debit card refused for no reason even though the input says “Credit / Debit Card”.
I remember trying to buy a VPS a year ago, and that was probably the same reason I didn’t. Any tips?

Same here, I don’t have a credit card and don’t want one. I also have a promo code, which is unusable.

Wow, that’s really bad. A downvote from me, can’t use Payoneer card as well as any card issued by a ukrainian bank. We almost don’t have credit cards here, everything is debit, for years. Paypal is absent here too. Dissapointed for now.

Same for me. Debit VISA is not accepted.

digitalocean is bad choice for students. even they asked for verification from student. i am really disappointed.

Can’t use debit VISA card. Forced to used PayPal. Am I the only one who paid extra $5 to login DigitalOcean? :3

Yeah, the same. So i’ve been forced to use another one, having credit card only for DO not acceptable

Same here. Got a promo because I’m student and to use it I must provide credit card. IDK how things work abroad, but in my country almost all students use debit cards. Or I have to use and pay via Paypal (not even gonna try) to just be able to login. Gonna find better alterative.

Here is my experience with DigitalOcean. I have used my Credit Card, they charged $5 and then verified my account and rejected without any reason. Please stop hosting in DigitalOcean as it is a Fraudulent Company. Don’t trust this anymore

I’m switching to another hosting company because of this.

Looks like i can’t use DO too. Same reason.

This is very disappointing. I can use my debit card with other sites such as google and apple but when it comes to digital ocean, They reject it without further instruction.

Disappointed. Don’t they have a plan to sell services for students or individual projects? I’ve chosen Linode instead of this

I want to purchase digital ocean VPS hosting servers but at payment or billing section , digital ocean does not accepting my visa debit card.
PayPal not supported in my country so we can not utilize this service. Please help me to resolve that issue and to go ahead.

Such a shame, seems that UK emited cards aren’t accepted neither, looking forward to get another hosting solution then, Linode maybe?

i also can’t add my visa credit card on digital ocean. the error message is ‘Your card was declined.’ why can’t i use my visa credit card for buying droplets. let me know the reason and make me to buy droplets as soon as possible. thanks digital ocean team.

Same here, what ridiculous this., Even opened ticket no response yet.? Any solution?

i cannot input my visa debbit to my account. somebody help me ? i have sent ticket but have not response, before i have add my visa debit, that’s work. have somebody know that ?

Worst thing is that my card was accepted and a verification payment of $1 was successfully made and reversed. But after 15 days, at the time of actual payment it says “Unable to make payment”. DigitalOcean support directs me to confirm from bank. The bank on the other hand says, they have not received any payment attempt either. :(

It’s very sad this topic didn’t get any official response. Why wouldn’t you accept gift cards. I don’t understand what kind of fraud can a person involve with gift cards. Damnit it shouldn’t be that hard to make a payment, its 2018 :/

such a useless company

Despondent. Very degrading service both by digital as well as ICICI Bank no value for customers. I can see comments from 2015 and this continues in 19 too if they can’t fix this problem pending for so long shows their commitment towards customers and who’s the fraudulent here. Called the bank thrice said there’s no issue with the card international transaction service is active transferred to the NRI department twice they don’t even understand a simple problem with a domestic card. Where is the union for corporate affairs this matter should be reported.

Hello everyone!
Today is a December 12th 2019 and I’ve got a “Your card does not support this type of purchase” message when made a try to stick up my debit visa card to my account.

Did anyone solve this problem?

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