Why Digital Ocean's Load Balancers for Kubernetes cluster not showing any statistics?

March 13, 2019 1.1k views
Load Balancing Kubernetes

We have two clusters and two load balancers.
Are there any ways to monitor incoming traffic?? Currently graphs on DO’s control panel do not working. (only Average request duration & Connections shows something)

All I have is custom monitoring on ingress level inside cluster via prometheus.

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I asked one of our team members, Ethan, about this. He gave me some advice to offer here:

As our Kubernetes product is still in an early iteration, you may want to setup custom monitoring on the ingress in the meantime with something like Prometheus. We expect to have more monitoring for the product in a future iteration.

However, if you are talking about load balancers as visible completely outside of the Kubernetes interfaces, you may want to write in to our team if you continue to see no graphs available:



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