Why DigitalOcean doesn't have a datacenter in Brazil?

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According to Alexa, Brazil is the third country who most access DigitalOcean. I'm a Brazilian costumer and there is a lot of others brazilians who use DigitalOcean services, so an Brazilian datacenter would be awesome for us who work with game servers and other stuff because of the low ping that national datacenter offers. DigitalOcean is planning to create an Brazilian datacenter? or is this out of question?
  • Nice!!!!! perfect!

    Por favor cobrem em reais , pois essa é uma grande dificuldade, pagar em dólar, infelizmente nosso páis sofre com a moeda fraca… o dolar tem grandes variações em um pequeno espaço de tempo.

    De qualquer forma vim para o Brasil seria ótimo!

  • Pagamento em reais…pfv!

  • Se cobrarem em reais , vao fixar a indexacao em dolar, ou seja, o dolar variou pra cima ou para baixo, provavelmente vao imbutir essa diferenca no preco. Datacenter no Brazil iria encarecer mais ainda devido aos impostos locais.. O mesmo ocorreu com a Amazon.

    If they start to charge you in BRL probably they gonna use dollar as currency index due our strong currency exchange variation. That means the BRL price will be higher than dollars anyways + local tax. Amazon opened a datacenter in Brazil and due local regulation and tax the BRL prices is higher as well.

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DigitalOcean is expanding rapidly, and we hope to open a datacenter in Brazil. Unfortunately, the are no hard plans to do so yet. One of our founders discussed some of the hurdles that we've faced looking into opening a center there in this comment:

For now, you can add your vote to the DigitalOcean UserVoice suggestion to help show customer demand:
  • Hi @asb.
    Digitalocean has 12 datacenters around of world, but no one on south america.
    Here in Brazil there are great opportunities to DigitalOcean service!
    There are any plan in long time?

We also need a Digital Ocean DC here in Brazil. Actually we don’t use DO for our production servers because of the latency, problem that would be solved using server in the country.

+1 for a DO datacenter in Brazil.

We understand the difficulties of opening DCs abroad, but it seems that Equinix is a partner of DO and it has a datacenter in São Paulo and will open another in Rio in 2015 (ALOG was bought by Equinix).

Anyway… it seems a huge opportunity. Most providers in the region do not offer any kind of self service interface, you have to contact them to create a new install, to destroy an install, even for shutting down the machine.

A DO datacenter in Brazil would be awesome. Looking forward to use it.

Brazil can be a major customer, a data center here will serve for Latin America

+1 for a DC in brazil, we’ll move our servers from AWS to DO… we have plenty of them…

In case some DO team member is reading this old thread, I just posted the following message on the official suggestion thread.

I haven’t had the time to test and compare yet, but there is a now a similar VPS provider with roughly the same price as DO.

Customer service and panel functionalities are eons from being as we have with DO, though.

As most of my projects target Brazilian users, latency is important. I always turned a blind eye because DO hadn’t no real competitors here, but I am seriously considering migrating out, as hurtful as it is, and I surely am not the only one thinking about it. This sort of “loyalty” in business can only go so far.

Also, somehow Locaweb managed to provide this kind of service with a really competitive price. It proves it is not impossible. Maybe DO should take advantage of our economy crisis and make an investment, even because the crisis is not hitting I.T. so hard as it is hitting other fields.

I vote to DO datacenter in Brazil too! 😀

+1 vote to datacenter in Brazil

+1 for a DO datacenter in Brazil.

+1 from me too. The company I work for approves of it too.

+1 for a datacenter in Brazil!

+1 for a datacenter in Brazil!

Old Thread, but still a wish: DO server in Brazil!!
+1 Brazil

Please, we need Digital Ocean in Brazil!

I think Digital Ocean would make a killing in Brazil. Some things to consider:

  • Brazil is huge and has a huge development community and business infrastructure
  • Qualified personnel is widely available and cheaper than in Europe or the US
  • Labor law has been relaxed recently, but Brazil is still overly protective of their workers which may lead to additional legal costs
  • Amazon and Microsoft are present in Brazil with datacenters
  • Amazon is based in Brazil as well, but charges in dollars, presumably for exchange rate risk reasons, and the government charges Brazilian companies an extra tax for any purchases outside of Brazil. If you would be able to charge locally in R$, you would be even cheaper relatively. (I’m not sure about Microsoft)

+1 for Brazil for latency and currency problems.

tenho varias maquina na DO, adoraria trazer elas para o BR.

Hey @pplp93,

Great idea, sounds like it’d be super useful!

It looks like someone has had the same idea before and has posted it on our Product Ideas board. The best thing to do would be to head over and add your vote to it, as well as adding any additional information in the comments for exactly what you’d like to see implemented!

Hope that helps!
- Alex.

+1. This is the only thing i miss about DO.

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