Why DigitalOcean is accessing my airbnb account? In the security tab I see regular log ins coming from your IP address

November 16, 2016 1.7k views

I am concerned why my airbnb account shows regular log ins from you.
Please explain.

3 Answers

Because someone is using DigitalOcean to connect to it (e.g. a VPN provider).

@Woet is correct. We host servers for thousands of users and many choose to run their own VPN services. Unless you are using a VPN yourself to access your AirBNB account I would recommend reporting this activity to our Trust and Safety team by emailing the details to abuse@digitalocean.com

Thanks to both of you for picking this up.
I am not really familiar with VPNs
Would you be able to explain a little bit what is it and what is it used for?
Not sure if the connection is genuine or why people would want to connect to the account.
Thanks !

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