Why do changes to nginx/unicorn/rails site not show up?

August 11, 2015 2.7k views
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So I created a new default nginx/unicorn/rails droplet and then modified just the default homepage file (/home/rails/app/views/home/index.html.erb).

The change never showed up when I reloaded the page. Not in any number of browsers, not after emptying their caches. Today I found that the change DID show up after I restarted the unicorn service.

So my question is, why did that fix it, and why should it be necessary? I've reviewed the configuration files for both unicorn and nginx, and I can't see anything that should be causing the pages to be cached...


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This question is very similar. The quick answer is that, yes, with the default unicorn settings you will need to perform a unicorn restart for your changes to appear. Adjustments to your configuration may allow you to make changes to your erb files without a reload being required but at the expense of some caching.

I have question based on updating or changing css/js files. The changes are not reflected. Any help so that on refresh changes made are shown?


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