Why Do My Domains Have Different PHP Versions After I Downgraded?

September 5, 2018 258 views

Hey there. I am trying to run a script on my website, and to do that I had to downgrade my php from 7.0 to 5.6. I used the tutorial found here. This worked perfectly, except for one issue. I had made a reverse proxy for my four domains (the domains being: example.com/example.ca/example.org/example.net.

When I check the php information for my websites, .org and .net both have 5.6, but the php information for my .com/.ca/Ip adress websites say they are using 7.0. I know it has something do with me setting up Nginx as a reverse proxy (Tutorial Found Here, for reference).

When I check the -v php in my server, it shows 5.6. Shouldn’t it show 5.6 for all of my domains, seeing as they’re all linked to my server? I am a complete noob to this stuff, so pardon me for the stupid question. Would it even matter what the PHP version shows for my websites? As my server itself has PHP 5.6.

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