Why does DigitalOcean request CVV of my credit card?

April 4, 2014 4.3k views
I didn't notice that until I heard a local E-commerce company save customers' CVV in plain text (together with all other info of the card), and a system leak made it quite easy for hackers to steal them. I like DO's service very much, but this raise some safety concern, why does DO request CVV, but other companies like Amazon or Linode don't?
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Linode does request your CVV, if your card requires it. Don't believe me? http://files.md-5.net/s/E0SF.png

You can be assured that your CVV is stored just as securely as the number itself.
Hmm ... you're right, Linode also ask for that.

I googled a bit, looks like the cost of merchants are different when submitting transactions with or without CVV.

I don't know how dangerous it is but saving CVV sounds like a bad idea since it defeats the proof of the owner's physical possession.

Actually, merchants are not allowed to store CVV code.

https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/pdfs/pci_fs_data_storage.pdf (look at the table on the last page).

Traditionally, the CVV is used to process a single transaction. That transaction is then referenced moving forward for processing any recurring transactions.

We do not store your CVV code -- CC processing is handled by Braintree Payment Solutions which is PCI-DSS compliant. See our security page.
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