Why does DO Support not triage tickets?

February 22, 2017 1.2k views
DigitalOcean Security

I was notified of my account being locked for suspicious activity, this is genuinely great to see for security. DO auto creates a ticket with the request for verification, but after replying with all the necessary details, I'm still waiting 3 hours later for any reply while my servers are down and no other form of recourse, no telephonic support.

How is any dev suppose to rely on DO servers if this is the case? Fortunately I was testing out the service, because had this been a production server I would be losing money and my clients would be rightfully pissed off.

DO hosts self-managed servers, so I imagine the support is focused on server up-time related to DO problems, how is DO going to support customers with legitimate and critical tickets without putting tickets/issues at the top of the pile?

Sure, volume of tickets is an issue but in this case I'm literally locked out of my account with no other form of support but this seemingly useless ticket system.

  • As a matter of consistency: DO has now replied, with apologies for taking a while - fair enough, but I reckon there is a sore need for improvement on the UI side of the support system, some ETA or at least a 'seen by support' type of response. It's hard to sit by while you are locked out of your account.

  • I agree with you - more transparency is always better.
    Just a question, is it a new account - if yes, then that's usually the problem, since you haven't paid any money yet and they haven't completely verified the credit card for fraud. It's a counter balance between making it free/easy to sign up and making sure no one is abusing the service.

  • It's a new-ish account, but I have had one billing cycle with successful payment. The lock out was justified, due to a breach on my account. I just would really like to see more about the 'status' of the ticket, particularly in cases like this - where the problem may be time sensitive or simply that one needs their servers up ASAP.

    DO has a fantastic service, but I do feel Support is pivotal in choosing the right IaaS provider. Quicker response times could even be charged for, I would pay for critical support when necessary.

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