Why does my Drupal install hang at the database step?

Posted February 9, 2015 2.9k views

Ubuntu LAMP image. When I install Drupal via the web-accessible install process the installation process hangs twice:

  1. When I first enter the MySQL username/password and hit submit it appears to do nothing, no error is given, it just blanks out the form and I have to enter the credentials again.
  2. After entering MySQL credentials the 2nd time it takes me to a blank page when normally there is an installation status bar. When I hit back I then get the status bar and Drupal installs normally without any errors and functions fine.

I have reproduced those exact errors repeatedly and it always behaves the same, I enter credentials twice and then hit my browser’s back button to actually get the next page.

I’m very new to VPS management so I don’t really know where to start. I ran the top command this last time and didn’t really see anything. MySQL was showing up as using a bit of memory every few seconds and then it would go away. The site works fine once installed but this still concerns me. I would use the Drupal image by DO but it is using nginx and I have no experience with that either so I’d like to try and stick to what I know but now I’m stuck with this strange behavior.

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I’m stuck with the same problem for a whole day, and finally found the answer!
“ When you click on "Save and continue”, there is a chance that you will be redirected back to the same database configuration page. If this happens, simply refresh the page. The database will be configured and the profile will be installed.“
Quoted from

by Justin Ellingwood
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  • Well yeah I mention this in my post, but I’m not satisfied with that as a resolution because I’m concerned this is evidence of a problem and would like to identify and fix it before I go production and find more issues.