Why does the Digital Ocean One-click image run Django 1.6?

October 24, 2014 2.2k views

I'm curious why this hasn't been updated yet as Django 1.7 has been the standard for a reasonable amount of time.

Just want to poll the community and see what they think about this before maybe putting in a support ticket, as it is an image I use quite frequently.

Is their demand for the install image to be upgraded? Is there a reason for it to remain at 1.6? The improvements have been significant in my opinion.

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I'm definitely interested in more feedback on this. We are currently using the the Django packages that are provided in the Ubuntu 14.04 repositories. The reasoning behind this is that users will receive continuing security updates as part of their normal upgrade process rather than having to separately upgrade a virtualenv.

That said, upgrading to Django 1.7 is certainly a possibility. We'll continue to re-evaluate on an on-going basis.

Yes, i was asking myself the same thing. Why isn't django updated?

Are we living in medieval age? Why Django on Digital Ocean is still 1.6?

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