Why doesn't digitalocean provide a mailserver?

November 23, 2016 3.3k views
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Somebody who heard I was looking into an email server was wondering why I wouldn’t just use my host’s email server. Well, DigitalOcean doesn’t even have one! Why not?!

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Because, unlike DNS, it’s very high maintenance. Run it on a droplet or just use Google Apps.

Use g-suite. For $5 a month you get the whole g-suite including mail, drive and calendars. I went through this last year and it good.

  • I happen to use all of those things for FREE anyway on my personal gmail account…

    • If you use all of those things for free (including mail) then why are you trying to setup a droplet server to handle that?

      • I’m using the droplet anyway for my web development and business attempt. The $5 is the minimum I could get to have a reliable server with nodejs support.

Oh ok so you must be on the legacy google apps? Can you use your business domain though?

  • No, and no.

    But what’s the difference? Nothing! That’s precisely the problem. You (and google, to be fair) want me to pay $5/month to label my google account with my new email. Uh uh uh…

and for privacy of which you don’t have any on the free version

  • Eh? How do you mean? I don’t think you’re right in this case. By the way use reply on my comment, don’t make a new answer every time.

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