Why doesnt the one click wordpress work?

June 4, 2019 174 views

I've created and destroyed many droplets trying to get this to work, and each time it doesn't work. I ssh in, go thru the configuration script, and it fails.

I get this at the end of the script:

WordPress has been enabled at https://<site>.com  Please open this URL in a browser to complete the setup of your site.
./wp_setup.sh: line 44: break: only meaningful in a `for', `while', or `until' loop

Also, looking at the script, it doesn't move (or it disapears) the wordpress instalation into "/var/www/html". when i navigate there, there is no wordpress installation.

Mysql also isnt installed.

Any ideas??!

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bobbyiliev MOD June 10, 2019
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I tried that and it seems to be working at the moment just fine. Are you still experiencing the issue?

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