Why don't you allow to increase Droplets resources individually?

August 11, 2016 2.9k views
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I would like to know why don’t you allow to increase Droplets resources individually? And if it’s planned for the future?

Some people (like me for example) will need to increase RAM but keep storage as it is.

Just a suggestion.

2 Answers

On the Resize page I see the two main options:

  • CPU and RAM only (previously called Flexible)
  • Disk, CPU and RAM (previously called Permanent)

Screenshots showing the older naming are in the tut here:

By selecting “CPU and RAM only” I think you can increase RAM and keep storage (disk size) as is.

by Melissa Anderson
Resizing your servers can be an effective way of increasing their capacity, by allowing them to utilize more memory (RAM), CPU, and disk storage. The ability to resize a server, also known as vertical scaling, can be useful in a variety of situations that prompt the need for a more powerful server, such as if your concurrent user base increases or if you need to store more data. In this tutorial, we will show you how to resize your server, also known as a droplet, on DigitalOcean.

But I still have to increase CPU.

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