WHY I can't login with SSH key after create droplet from snapshot?

Posted June 26, 2020 1.3k views
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I’ve created a droplet using a snapshot from the old droplet. (use ssh same as existing droplet)
But I can’t log in with the same credentials.
But I’m able to log in control panel’s access console. (I’ve checked with ufw status. But found not an issue)
But I need to login in with that same credentials to use as SFTP login in WinSCP.
After log in my old droplet there shows Your LAMP website: . But after login in access console in the newly created droplet (snapshot of old one), there is nothing like that.
I think it will show up the ip of the droplet where I can see doplet default page (http://ipaddress/index.html)
But I can’t found any ip see screenshot.

plz let me know why this is happening? and better way to do my task (clone droplet)
advance thanks.

see image

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Hello, @alaminShark

What you can do is to check if your ssh_key is added in the authorized_keys file on your new droplet. You can access the droplet via the console in your DigitalOcean account and from there cat the file:

`cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

If your ssh key is not present then you can add it by following this tutorial:

If you’re still experiencing some issues to access the droplet via a ssh client you can double check if the Droplet is not blocking connections on port 22 by using telnet for example:

telnet IPaddr 22

As for your other question, the best way to clone your droplet is to use the snapshots option (basically what you’ve done). The content of your new droplet should be identical to your production one. If you see some differences, I will recommend you to take another snapshot and repeat the process again.


  • Hi Alex,

    I’m having the same issue, except mine, I cannot log into the digital ocean console nor ssh, from my snapshot.

    Any thoughts?


    • Hello, @justinDolphin

      What happens when you try to access the DigitalOcean console? If you’re getting a blank/black screen you can try using a different browser as well.


      • So it prompts me to login, and reset the root password with the temp password that gets emailed, but whenever I enter the newly reset root password, the console gives me a invalid password error. -And I’m for sure typing it in right after resetting it.

        • Hello,

          You can try access the droplet using a different ssh client or via the DigitalOcean console.

          You can also try to wait for a couple of minutes after the root password has been reset before trying to access the droplet.