Why I can't use any of /64 IPv6 address allocated to droplet?

Posted January 11, 2018 4.6k views

For any droplet with IPv6 there is assignet /64 IPv6 net, but only 16 addresses aviable for use. Why? Can I somehow use more, then 16 addresses?

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3 answers

DigitalOcean only provides 16 IPv6 addresses per Droplet

The /64 isn’t assigned to the droplet, it’s just the size of the shared subnet where all droplets live.

(Like when you connect to a LAN that uses /24 IPv4, your OS shows it as “”, but that doesn’t mean it’s your /24, it’s the entire LAN’s.)

@grawity How about being able to assign different ipv6 subnets for name servers? using, I get this issue: Fatal: All Name Server IPv6 addresses from the same subnet. Is it not possible to have multiple ipv6 subnets for my dns?

  • There really is nothing “fatal” about this issue – it’s worth a warning at most.

    The issue is not with a single subnet in itself, but with what it indicates. When the checker sees a single subnet, it assumes that all servers are within a single physical network (same datacenter). If that datacenter suddenly went offline, your entire domain would also go offline.

    So on the one hand, if you simply get two different subnets for the same servers, then you’re not actually solving the issue. You’re only tricking the checker into thinking it’s solved.

    But on the other hand, if you’re using DNS servers, they can safely be in a single subnet because they use anycast routing – the same IP address actually exists in multiple locations at once, so the original assumption doesn’t apply. In this case the issue is already solved differently, but the checker doesn’t know that so it warns anyway.