Why I cannot connect to workbench, like others.

March 17, 2017 1.2k views
DigitalOcean PHP Ubuntu 16.04 Apache

I created my droplet. I followed tutorials step by step.
When I want to connect by workbench I could not do that.
My website was working perfectly. I just want to edit something in the database. I could not enter by workbench.
By following some stupid opinions of others in here. I destroyed my website.
How I can delete my droplet or make it empty and start from the beginning.

and why I cannot connect to workbench.
Everything is fine.

1 Answer

Is MySQL bound to your external IP instead of localhost? Or are you using a SSH tunnel?

  • thank you brother. I did everything. I use both. I can connct to filezilla. putty. easily. but I cannot in workbench. could you please I have a php script and sql file I want to make them working.
    I installed workpress eaily. by following some tutorials.
    but I cannot connect to workbench.
    after I trying to solve the problem I destoyed my website. Now I destroyed my droblet and start again. wasting of time brother please help I you know any tutorial that can help me.
    I have php script and sql file I want to install them.
    I am thinking that installing wordpress first then replacing the files will work.
    Note I used easyengine commands for installing wordpress.

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