Why install git on a vps?

June 8, 2013 3.6k views
I was surprised to see instructions for installing git on the vps in the community section and in the articles about how to use git effectively-- https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-use-git-branches-- it assumes that we are using git on our local machine and pushing to a remote server. So I also installed git on my vps, because there were instructions to do so, but I don't understand why I'd want or need it there, unless I was developing on the remote server. Is anyone doing that?
4 Answers

Check out NetBeans IDE. It's among the most popular Integrated Development Environments and (the best part) it's open source.
I have git installed on my VPS to easily deploy apps. I simply do '$ git pull' and my app is up-to-date.
Thanks, can you explain the steps you took to set that up so it pulls from your local machine?
You can also push from your local machine quite easily.
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