Why is Digital Ocean visiting my site?

April 7, 2015 4.1k views
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I've just launched a site on a DO droplet that has dozens of my other sites on it. I don't recall promoting this site anywhere while I actively do with my other sites.
I'm getting a few bots and some lucky guessers on this site yet and multiple direct visits from New York with the ISP Digital Ocean Inc. This can all be found in Google Analytics
I've checked my much bigger and older sites that are hosted on this Droplet and none of them are getting any traffic at all from the office of DO.

How did they find out I'm making a new site? DNS? Nginx config?
What is the purpose of visiting it? Just personal interest?

2 Answers

If you are seeing visits where the ISP shows as DigitalOcean these are visits coming via another droplet in one of our data centers most likely. Several decent sized VPN services utilize our services so the most likely explanation is that you are getting visits from users using a public VPN service or someone running a crawler or bot on their droplet.

  • Ah, that explains why they were using Windows and Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for your explanation.

  • Yup. That definitely would not be anyone in the DigitalOcean office =) As far as I know, we only have a couple Windows users here and none of them would be using IE to browse the web.

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