Why is my CentOs droplet automatically destroyed

October 15, 2019 134 views
DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes cluster $10 per month plan. Droplet is Debian tried rebuilding it to CentOs 7. It appears to go through the the droplet is destroyed and then a new droplet is created with Debian. Is there something I’m missing here. I’m very new to Kubernetes so I’m not sure why this is happening but I’m more familiar with CentOs than Debian.

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Hello, @wadethomas

This sounds rather odd, have you checked this with our support team? Also I can recommend you to check this article:


You can use Kubeadm and Ansible to setup your Kubernetes cluster on CentOS 7

Hope this helps

by bsder
Kubernetes is a container orchestration system that manages containers at scale. In this guide, you will set up a Kubernetes cluster from scratch with Kubeadm and deploy containerized applications on it.
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