Why is my url file on VPS change?

October 1, 2013 1.8k views
I using CentOS 6, and I have some problem, Why is my url file on VPS change? For example: http://ylinkee.com/ycontent/css/index.css It's change: http://ylinkee.com/ycontent/css/A.index.css.pagespeed.cf.UXCA0xfR_W.css When I update new file index.css, the older file do not change. Thanks,
1 Answer
Pagespeed adds a random string to each compiled file. http://ylinkee.com/ycontent/css/A.index.css.pagespeed.cf.UXCA0xfR_W.css won't change but a new "optimized" file will be created with a different name.
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