Why is mysqld process continuesly using 13.6% ram

July 18, 2014 1.7k views

I have setup 2 droplets, one is my database server. If I go to my website (which database is on my DB server), it continuesly shows 1 mysql process, using 13,6% mem. Only the CPU% usage goes up depending on the amount of queries. If i leave my website, the 13,6% mem usage stays.

Why is this happening, is it some kind of reserved memory? I mean, i am not querying at all but still it is using mem.


1 Answer

MySQL using 13.6% of the server’s memory isn’t that much considering it’s dedicated to MySQL. But you can still check how much RAM it actually is using by running the following command:

pidstat -r -p $(pidof mysqld)

The value under the RSS column is how much physical memory MySQL is using. Take a look at Help! Linux ate my RAM!.

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