Why is Plesk not free to use with DigitalOcean ?

September 24, 2018 6.7k views
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Most of the cloud providers are offering free Plesk Onyx Control Panel which makes it really easy for people like me to start hosting websites really easily.
I am so obsessed with Digital Ocean that i keep using trial versions of Plesk just to stay with Digital Ocean. Why is Digital Ocean not providing Plesk free of cost ?

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Hey friend!

Honestly, I’ve never even thought about it. I imagine many others inside DO would say the same. It’s a cool idea. No guarantees, but I’m happy to share the idea internally and see what (if anything) comes of it.


Edit: Plesk one-click image, with free license for 3 domains (upgradable), is now live. You can read more about this here: https://www.plesk.com/blog/product-technology/deploying-plesk-onyx-digitalocean-now-easier-ever/

+1 for this


correct - Plesk has now published a one-click app based on DO’s Ubuntu 18.x environment. When you launch a droplet, just go to one-click apps -> Plesk on Ubuntu 18.x . It will take you about 1min to deploy after the post-install configuration of Plesk.

And yes, it’s a full Plesk version - with some limitations. But for any basic website project, it should be more than enough :-)

To see the full list of limitations (and how you can switch to a full Plesk on DO), please check https://www.plesk.com/upgrade/

thank you


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