Why is Putty preferred over the Console Access?

March 23, 2015 3k views
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It seems like everyone recommends Putty, but I’m curious why I’d want to use it as opposed to the Console Access that comes built in at digital ocean. They both seem to be used for SSH.. I’m still early in the tutorials, but I hate installing new software if I don’t need it, so I’m curious what advantages and features make everyone so crazy for Putty?

  • Not too sure what the answer is for this but I prefer putty because it allows me to right click paste and do multi commands.

    Saves time rather than having to type out each code.

  • Also, in addition to what others have said: Putty is a really simple app. There is no need to “install” it on your computer, you just download it and run it. Delete it when you dont want it anymore.

    For those of us using Linux and Mac computers, we have no need of such things, as SSH runs natively from a terminal.
    From linux computers, SFTP connects natively from the file browser, so using a linux computer to manage your remote server is heaps easier than trying to tweak Windows to do simple things like connect with ssh.

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While you can use the “Console” from DO, there are limitations in comparison with native clients for your Desktop, in case of Windows Putty is pretty common, and can offer you extra commands and options you don’t have on a java terminal like the one at DO Control Panel.

If you want a real improvement try Bitvise SSH, is a lot more usable with build in tools like SFTP client, Sock Proxy and more..

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