Why is Support so SLOW?!!!

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Why is the response to customer service so slow and stupid?

The password reset broke. The password sent to me via email allows me to login and when I am prompted to change the password:
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
upon changing the software I receive a pop up that says that connection was closed by the remote host. I posted this issue and I didn’t receive a response for 6 hours. Then I did not receive a subsequent response for another 3 hours. I am stuck in this look and cannot do anything because anytime that I attempt to change the password this happens. I finally received access to the recovery iso to change the password and now I have to wait for them to boot into the normal environment. I have been waiting for 3 hours now for them to boot it into the normal environment. While I am waiting for this I have paid subscribers calling me and sending me nasty emails. WTF? Is this what I’m suppose to expect as a paid subscriber?

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With regards to support, no one can touch the support of SiteGround. They have live chat which resolves your queries within seconds. Plus their advance team answers in less than 10 minz (always).

I wish I had not moved to Digital Ocean at first place.

My ticket more than 6 hours and still not yes replied, i may move to aws lightsail :(

The support team usually answers quite fast. In my experience, the response times have been < 1 hour for the past several months. Maybe there’s higher traffic right now and it’s Sunday. I believe you’ll get the response as soon as possible. :)

  • I am a DO customer for the last 6 months.
    Support is terrible. Normal response time is 24 hours . And most of the time, the response is a standard ‘copy/paste" answer.
    As I write this, I have a ticket that received no response for more than 60 hours .
    And it is a serious issue with file system errors !

Demonstration of the error -

This is Bull$h!t. Starting next month I am migrating to Blue Host. I sent my first email 8 hours ago and instead of dealing with the problem directly STEPHEN B, has done nothing but send me canned email responses. I am moving to a host that appreciates the the money that I pay every month.

  • Create a new droplet and redeploy your app from your source control / config management / backups.

    You may also want to snapshot the current droplet, and create a new droplet from that snapshot with an associated SSH key in order to regain access to your data.

    Perhaps you are not ready for production if you are unable to redeploy your app in this manner. I would recommend using a managed platform or hire an ops professional if these capabilities are those you can not handle independently.

yes bro support very slow

Hours? Talking days here, on multiple tickets. DO has gone to the shits.

From my experience, support usually take days before responding too…

Close to 24 hours on 1 support ticket with no response.
Another ticket over 12 hours with no response.

Terrible service. No timely acknowledgement and resolution of issue.

Waiting for “verification” for over 2 days now and no response to my support ticket (>1 day)

Not a good start. :(

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