Why is the droplet limit set at 5 at a time (without raising a support case)?

August 14, 2014 3k views

Presuming billing is properly setup and/or there is a credit balance, I don’t see why the number of simultaneous droplets is so low.

2 Answers

Unfortunately, we’ve needed to implement an initial limit on the number of droplets that you can launch in order to help us curb abuse and fraud. We’re happy to increase it when needed, simply open a support ticket requesting it. We just like to build up a bit of a relation with the user first.

  • Once the relation with the user is built up, shouldn’t the limit be expandable in an automated fashion?

    For example, I am looking at building a “click and go” tiered webservice as a subscription for some potential clients. However, there are 5 droplets needed for the initial service (they may be resized or added-to later per client demands).

    If I get two customers purchasing the service from me at the same time, or additional customers come along before support raises my limit, I look bad.

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