Why mail always goes to spam from server?

May 30, 2014 7.2k views
Hi , I am trying to send mail from my domain server using postfix.I configure the postfix as suggested in the digital ocean community. But it always goes to spam and sometimes mail is not delivered at all. I have configured the MX and TXT records in the dns as mentioned in the forum.Please help me to solve the issue.
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One of the things that flags mail as spam is the "from" field not matching the server it came from, because it's an instant flag for lying about addresses.

Make sure that the "from" address is always from a domain name that matches the server.
For example, if your website was www.example.com, make sure your emails are from "alice@example.com", "bob@example.com". Don't use "malory@example2.com" if example2.com isn't registered to your server too.

Make sure to try and use a name of some kind with the email, eg
From: "William Meade" .
Your emails must be signed so they sent into Inbox, check here how to
by Popute Sebastian Armin
This tutorial will focus on installing and configuring OpenDKIM: an open source implementation of the DKIM sender authentication system.

Allow me to share my experience, I always make sure the "from" address is always from the domain name corresponding to the server. My web is www.aidatour.co.id, then i will make sure my email comes from "dendy@aidatour.co.id", or "ashley@aidatour.co.id". And so far almost never had problems.

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