Why must I upload selfies before I can use DigitalOcean

September 7, 2019 93 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04

As a new customer it makes ZERO sense why I am being denied service until I upload selfies of everything in the world just to prove who I am. Why demand my credit card information first? In over 10 years of Web Development i have not had such a frustrating insane nonsensical experience. What genius thought this process was a great idea to put new customers through hell before they are allowed the almighty privilege of being allowed to purchase a $5 droplet to test out Digital ocean.

You know what this nonsense does???????? Sends me to anyone other than DigitalOcean. Have fun with this campaign. It should be very successful

2 Answers

Hi @akashicseer,

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a legit answer here as this forum is for technical questions addressing your server.

Having said that, speaking from experience with familiar system, most probably the DO system has detected you as a HIGH RISK customer. Please note this is just a presumption and it can be wrong!!

You might want to create a ticket with DO directly.

Kind regards,

Even a $5 DO droplet let’s a web dev serve what-ever content they might want online extremely fast.

  • Yah sure it does if you get past the wall demanding you upload various personal files. If there is some sort of issue you tell the damn customer in the message wall, that makes them less suspicious and angry and sends less potential customers to your competition. Getting hit with a wall of you must give us all this special stuff after we take your credit card is BS

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