Why my account locked......

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Why my account locked?I Paid $5 Via Paypal, and My Account Locked.
I got email . .
Thanks for using DigitalOcean. We have applied your PayPal payment to your account.
Keep in mind that we require you to pre-pay one month+ in advance for your droplets while using PayPal.

  • Yep, just created my account, payed 5USD to DigitalOcean and got my account locked without any prior warning or explanation why. And on top of it all those a*holes want my github and twitter accounts to “verify” my identity…

  • digital ocean is cheap, and all that but I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE.. imagine making a payment and getting locked out from your server. and that’s what happened to me. can’t believe such a big company would do this.

    i had this account for a long time, then for business purpose i made another account from a different email and paid from my paypal. the next thing they say is that my old account has “MULTIPLE BILLING PROFILES” and CANNOT BE UNLOCKED. So there my server is still spinning there or something, i don’t have access and they still send me monthly bills saying i owe them this amount.


  • Absolutely agree they need to hold accountability for these random lock outs. If I were them I would do verification first then lock the account, but in this case its happening in reversed order first you get locked out then you have to prove you are the account holder in essence holding you hostage.

  • i have same problem here. i created my account just 30 minutes ago and paid 10$ with paypal then locked out! what kinda business are you running here guys? what kind of nonsense is this? if i cant even create a droplet why would i pay you? this is lame

  • This is slightly different, but at the same time it was a similar negative experience with this company.

    digitalocean sucks… I am using amazon AWS, screw this company.

    Here is why:

    When I was younger, I wanted to try out digitalocean, and I had a $30 voucher code (or sth like that.) Anyhow, this code would allow me to have a server for 1 month free. At that point in time, I was in middle school, and didn’t have a debit/credit card, and I had no money in my paypal account (I didnt have any allowance or stuff). So, I decided to get smart about it and search up for a prepaid debit card with no balance on it online. Basically, you know those prepaid visa/mastercards they sell at Walmart and Safeway? Well a kind user decided to use up his card and post it online for people to use! :). So I used his $0 card to add to my account in order to use my $30 voucher because digitalocean requires users to link a card to their account (and keep in mind, this was with the original card owner’s permission), and I got banned instantly for credit card fraud. Now I am a Junior in high school, and I got another voucher for $50 from github education. I am running a successful new site that has gained increasing popularity over the past few months (its BTW), and I ran out of bandwith on my original site hoster (because of the amount of users on my site). Therefore, I decided to turn to digitalocean (and I got my own bank account, thank god) for a solution, and digitalocean told me that my account was perma banned for credit card fraud. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A MIDDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COMMITING TO CREDIT CARD FRAUD???!?? I explained to their support of the situation, and they said that it was still my fault, and even though I used the card with the original card owner’s permission they could not unban my account. IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT CREDIT CARD FRAUD, AND THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THEM TO BAN ME LIKE THIS. Well, for all of you to know, AWS (amazon web services) is so much better. They are free to use, have unlimited bandwith and have wonderful tech support. I highly recommend their competitor. Companies like digitalocean should not deserve to be so big on the current marketplace.

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I signed up, put in my billing, and they locked me instantly for no reason. I haven’t even got to use my account.

same snitch

Now it happened me too. My reason was that I used the same Paypal account to pay two different DO accounts. They say it is not allowed. I hope this is just a bad dream, a practical joke. This is anyhow a business tool for me, so it sounds very serious.

wow… i never imagine that a lot of account locked otherthan myself
i need explanation why my account locked…they say
“We have done a further review of this account and found it to match some unusual patterns leading to violations of our terms & conditions.

Due to internal security and privacy reasons, we can not go into detail about the specifics.

We will not be able to allow any further services on this account due to the violations.

We do apologize for any inconvenience. ”

Best Regards

why…i just asked whatswrong…what violation i made....
i just use in 8 days....and pufff…locked
really funny.....

Wow! this just happened to me too! Do these guys give refunds? Cos honestly I am regretting my decision to sign up with them straight away

Hi Guys. Somebody sometime was unlocked?

same. i just tried my credit cards ( virtual and main ) and they didn’t work. (i think because of so much test ) . Then i tried on another account with my same credit card it worked. after 4 5 hours they blocked my account. Then I tried my first account with same card . They got 5$ and it worked too but after 2 hour they blocked my other account too. What is this ?

I have the same issue and I have been a member since August/September.
I pay 40 US dollars a month, and I am very good at making sure I keep on top of it.

Now this has happened, I know why (not my fault, an error on PayPal) yet no one is responding!
I’ve even tried ringing the US from the UK and on a mobile too!!
That costs me a HUGE amount of money, yet I can’t get through to anyone..
Deeply frustrating.


I got this same problem. After input my credit card info, my account got locked for no reason. Few days after, I got reply from support team saying my account violate their policy and will be permanently locked, and the reply email did not say anything about what policy is that.

I asked to purge my account and will never use DigitalOcean again.

Bye bye DigitalOcean

My account is also locked… No reason why. Fucking stupid? So many people had the same issue but no staff came out and reply? Rediculous

same happened to me plz help

Same here, happen to me to, and without any warning too

here the same too, Could someone explain what happening?

If your account is locked, you should have received an email or a ticket (or both) explaining why as well as what steps to take to undo it.

It usually involves replying to support with additional information for verification.

@Golon Is your PayPal account verified? I’m not sure of DigitalOcean’s Policy on PayPal account status, though many providers I’ve dealt with will flag unverified accounts and/or accounts that fall under the category of being unverified + outside the US.

The reason for this is risk factor. It doesn’t mean that you will attempt to defraud or abuse service, nor does it mean that you’re being accused of either, it’s simply a protective measure taken when certain criteria is met. Similar to how merchant accounts will verify the CCV of a Credit/Debit Card before a charge is fully processed. If it matches, they charge, if it fails it’s flagged and in most cases, the charge will fail. In others, it’ll pass while being flagged and it’ll be up to the business to review.

If all is well, a staff member should be able to get you up and running quickly if you submit a ticket requesting clarification.

I have the same issue. Created new account, paid 10$, received a confirmation from paypal, and now my account is locked.

Saludos cordiales, una consulta cuanto tiempo demora en hacer la verificación de la cuenta? pues necesito hacer uso del hosting. Mi cuenta figura bloqueada. No he recibido ningún email al respecto.

same here this is completely bad :/

Yep, happened also to me :( did anyone find any way to unlock it?
Its starting to look like a scam. Everything is fine till you pay money.

I am also having the same issue.. i just paid $10 via PayPal and my account is locked.. there is no mail or ticket with explanation yet…

@info75d9201e3c4 - In many cases, the same would happen elsewhere if the billing / authorization department for [insert company] paid as close attention to billing matters as closely as DigitalOcean seems to. Using the same payment method for multiple accounts can raise a red flag in many cases; it’s not limited to DO.

No company, small or large, wants to get hit with a chargeback. When a new customer comes through, pays one account off, creates another and pays it off too, all within a short timeframe, that’d concern me as well. Chargebacks don’t play favorites. Whether it’s $5.00, $500.00 or $0.05, if you get hit with a reversal, as a company, you’re paying whatever chargeback fee was defined in your Merchant Agreement (and in many cases, quite a bit more). You can try to fight it, of course, though it’s best to do your best to mitigate the chance before the chance has the opportunity to surprise you.

It’d be different if you were a customer of 2-3 years and they were flagging you on payments, though more often than not, the issues are limited to new accounts and in many cases, PayPal (which always raises red flags - for one reason, they tend to be one-sided in many cases).

That said, it does not mean that you, or anyone else in this thread are in any way, shape or form “bad” or that you’re going to use your DigitalOcean account for nefarious activities. Thresholds are set and when they are met, whether it’s by you or by me, a red flag goes up. I’ve had it happen to clients I’ve worked with who routinely paid between $400-$4,000 a month for services with some providers. They share the frustration, but also recognize that if security measures were not in place, the cost of service would most likely be higher, the level of support would be further reduced, and in some cases, they too would be out $$.

Happened to me too.
If you payed money to them, first tell your credit card provider to cancel any further transactions with them. If they do not give back the money they stole, I would threaten legal action. This is disgraceful.

anyone get money back or unlock account

Just happened to me too. I’ll give them a few hours then open a dispute on Paypal.

Yep happened to me too
They need to lose their merchant account behind this
This if fucking ridiculous


03/17/2018. Same sh*t. Idiot situation. Tried 5 cards, and none of there are accepted. Then tried with PayPal account and my account was locked. Bravo, DO, keep it up!

I was banned because I apparently got too many reports, I actually have no idea why I would get reported because I was using my vps to mine bitcoin. I’ve asked for a refund and if they don’t give me my money back I’m gonna take it to paypal.

My account was locked also for no apparent reason!
They said my account was flagged for abuse, but I am doing nothing with my account, not doing torrents and also not using it for mining. so how come I am flagged for abuse? My bandwidth was low, I barely reach 20% of my bandwidth allocation

Now 2019 and this problem still be there. I created a support ticket and they didn’t answer.

Same here.. just paid $5 and realized they lock their potential customers’ account for no reason, not even an email talking about that.

Yeah, the same has happened with me. I paid them $10 via PayPal, and after I was redirected, it said my account was locked for no reason. I checked my email, nothing. Thanks, DigitalOcean!

I’ve been locked out of my account for over a week. I’ve sent three emails and have two support tickets open. I haven’t received an explanation about why I’ve been locked out.

Same here haha, I’ll probably going to search another service, similar to digital ocean.

I’ve just signed up to try Digital Ocean out and was immediately locked out. I haven’t even used their services.

Not a good start for a new customer. Maybe it was because I am on a VPN?

Anyways, they better not charge me.

Same here, signed up and payed and instantly got locked out. Crap service and crap provider. DO NOT SIGN UP AT DIGITAL OCEAN! Be Warned..

Same here. I tried two mail addresses and two credit cards, both locked immediately after charging the money. So stupid

After payment 5$ digitalocean blocked my account.
Why Digitalocean ?

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