Why my digital ocean account is late to be verified?

February 24, 2015 2k views

I dont know why it is so. Even i have provided them with a valid Credit Card. They deducted 1 Dollar for testing purposes. I think i should be enough if someone is providing the fee and valid email address. After all the individual having that email would be the owner of digital account account.

  • I would wager it has something to do with minimal billing with a credit card. Some payment processors require a minimum charge [i.e. Square = $1] They need to take the credit card to make their automated metering system work. Otherwise, they would be buried in overhead. Did you use a promo code to get your first two months free?

    I’m not with Digital Ocean, maybe someone of authority will chime in.

  • No. I havent found any promo code. Even my Account is not activated yet.

1 Answer

Contact support, this is community questions, not same thing, not same level of access to verify your account. Support will tell you pretty quickly about what the cause of the problem.

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