Why My Domain Name Is Redirecting To Wrong Domain?

August 17, 2017 1.3k views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04


I have done installation but my domain name is directing to wrong domain and therefore I'm not able to access to the domain name. I have done the installation via servepilot since I'm not technical person.

I have also contact the Godaddy they are saying, they do not have access to the DNS. That's why I have to contact the Digital Ocean only.

So, kindly resolve my issue on urgent basis.

1 Answer

Did you set up your DNS on Digital Ocean? You would buy the domain from a site like GoDaddy, but before you can use it on DO, you would need to configure that. What exactly have you done to set this up?

Second, is your domain directing to a different domain that you own, or one that you aren't familiar with? If it's redirecting to a domain that you own, it's probably an issue with either GoDaddy or Digital Ocean (or at least a problem with the way you used their service). If it's a different domain entirely, it's more likely that you made a typo somewhere in an IP address.

What other information can you provide?

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