Why my domain not found after reset password ?

September 29, 2019 99 views

After I reset my root password at my droplet, my domain looks like not active / not found. But When I ping from console to my public IP, it seem connection. Please help how I can fix it ?

My public IP :
Ny domain : biotrent.co.id

Thank you for help

2 Answers

Hey, @jomacbo3nan

Can you check if nginx/apache is currently up and running as well? The issue seems to be related with the web server.

Looking forward to your reply.

I have check my nginx and I get this message. “Unit nginx.service not found”. Why after I reset my root password, my nginx become not found ?

  • Hope this is already sorted. Can you please make sure that you’ve properly booted the droplet, e.g it’s not booted in recovery mode or with wrong kernel or something?

    You can also contact DigitalOcean’s support team and ask them to investigate this for you as well.

    Let me know how it goes.

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