why my Droplets ip is a others domain name?

February 9, 2018 669 views
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why my Droplets ip is a others domain name?

My vps only bind a domain name, why I see my vps rdns is another domain name, and then I visit the domain name will display the contents of my site

1 Answer

If you are referring to the PTR record that is associated with the IP address, it’s most likely that the same IP address belonged to another user’s Droplet in the past and so their domain name was the PTR record that was assigned to it.

To view your PTR records, browse to https://cloud.digitalocean.com/networking/ptr. You will then be able to see your IP addresses and the records associated with them. If yours is incorrect, make sure your Droplet is named the same as your domain name. You can rename it using the control panel.

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