Why my server is fine but Websites are down

July 19, 2015 8.3k views
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i check mysql status with this command when my sites are running fine
mysqladmin -u root -p status|
ScreenShot when my website are fine
Example link

ScreenShot when my website are down
Example link

Can you please tell me whats the problem or can you please fix it i really cant find the solution for this
and yes my sites are in wordpress

  • Check if Apache is running:

    service httpd status


    service apache2 status
  • Thanks for reply when i run
    service httpd status command i see this
    httpd (pid 5345) is running...
    i am using a monitor when my site is down they send me an email here is it
    PROBLEM Alert
    Service: HTTP
    Name: www.mydomain.net_http
    Group Name: Default
    Date/Time: 7-19-2015 14:31:05 (GMT + 5)
    Additional Information: HTTP CRITICAL - Connection timed out. IP .238..***
    Failures From: Germany, US-MID

    You could have known about this issue 29 minutes ago.

    email 2

    RECOVERY Alert
    Service: HTTP
    Group Name: Default
    Date/Time: 7-20-2015 03:05:27 (GMT + 5)
    Additional Information: HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 0.072 second response time. IP 178...***
    Downtime: 2 minute(s) 35 second(s)

  • What size Droplet are you using? If you're on the $5/mo Droplet you should upgrade to the $10/month option or better, especially with a WordPress installation.

  • Have you tried rebooting your droplet? Doesn't matter whats the size of your droplet, upon restart, everything starts from zero, unless there is some configuration error or accidentally broken security parameter!

  • yes i have restart my vps see this

  • Do you have a firewall running? Please post the output of sudo iptables-save and sudo ufw status.

  • kamain7
    i think there is something wrong wiith my firewall iptables please take a look at this

    i am using centos this command is not working
    sudo ufw status

  • What control panel are you using? Try starting the iptables service or checking if there were any errors.

  • i am using kloxo and i dont know how to start it

  • Thanks Kamal i fix the problems and my websites are now working fine because of your advice i check and run the iptables
    thanks to everyone.

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Do you have a firewall running? Please post the output of sudo iptables-save and sudo ufw status.

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