Why Nginx Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64 stop working suddenly?

Posted March 12, 2019 868 views

I followed this tutorial to set up a Nginx.

Criteria like below:

  • Image : Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64
  • Region : SGP1

It works for the first time.What I mean it works is :

  • Able to access from web browser. (I print Hello world in a HTML file)
  • Able to access from putty with the credential I set earlier.
  • Able to access the file via FileZilla.
  • Able to call to API via Postman,getting the response as expected.

Then suddenly it stop working.What I mean stop working is:

  • Cant access the html that working earlier via browser.
  • Access with putty get ->Network error: Connection Timed out
  • Unable to call to API via Postman,getting this response : Could not get any response
  • Cant access with FileZilla get this error below

<^>Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Could not connect to server<^>

So in order for me to make it connect again,I tried the following:

  1. Disable the firewall using: sudo ufw disable
  2. Restart nginx using : sudo service nginx restart
  3. Restart the droplet in digital ocean console
  4. check the nginx status using : sudo nginx -t and get the nginx is working fine

Now when I access the droplet via digital ocean console,I get this result on screen:

Result on screen when access from digital ocean console

What I missing out??This situation happened 2 times ady..First time I delete the droplet and start over.But now it happened again.

So tell me what to do to avoid this happened again.And how to solve this problem to make the server work again?

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1 answer

Hey friend,

Great question. It looks like the network is going down on the droplet. This is unusual, and I cannot reproduce by deploying our Ubuntu 14 image and following that tutorial. Are you sure you’re not leaving out something else that is being done on the droplet? It could be something you consider irrelevant.


  • Bro I follow exactly the same what the tutorial say..I mean every single line in the tutorial for 2 times and endless reading through cause is not working..

    Please give me some suggestion on what to do? or which tutorial I should follow..

    • The primary issue here doesn’t make sense to me, which makes it difficult to offer advice since I wasn’t able to replicate it on this side. With that said, is there any particular reason you chose Ubuntu 14 over 18? The tutorial was written for 18, and though there really shouldn’t be any difference, I’m willing to entertain any idea.