why php function in some location, but not other ??

February 3, 2014 6.1k views
Hi mates, Look I have some serious issue in here. when I go to a folder that contain index.php, the full php code shows up plain instead of being hidden since it is the php property to hide whatever inside it. for example, when I go to any of my domain folder like this domain.com/app/ the code shows up as a plain code while it is supposed to be hidden... or it should search for index.php or index.html..., but it doesn't. However, when I go to the same folder and I write domain.com/app/index.php..... this way it works and only this way, which is high risk since a hacker can see my php content and break into my site easily... anyone knows how to fix this issue?? Thanks
8 Answers
is your code between the php tags?
< ?php ( no space )
What webserver are you using?
@kamal, I'm using Debian 7 64x
@baggio0o, The codes are well-designed with php coding. any php file doesn't work, not only my own code work of php...
did you install php?
yes, sure I did. I installed php-fpm
Debian is an operating system. What webserver are you using? nginx?
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