Why should one prefer to host gitlab on your own droplet it they have the service already for free on gitlab? What are the advantages? Anyone please?

May 4, 2016 4.1k views
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I am moving outta github, cause i recently visited the gitlab website, and seems to me a perfect saving opportunity, cause right now i have 10 private repos on github, which cost 25 dollars a month.

So now i see a lot of people prefer to have gitlab on their own servers. But why all the trouble, if gitlab has already the service there? Why bother? Could someone explain to me the advantages please. Thanks in advanced.

1 Answer

Using https://about.gitlab.com/gitlab-com/ for free means you no longer have to keep GitLab up to date, not pay for hosting, and we’ll take care of the backups.

Using your own GitLab instance can be more secure (no other users on the same system, prevents mistakes and some vulnerabilities), more integration (with your LDAP server), more control (modify a custom hook http://doc.gitlab.com/ce/hooks/custom_hooks.html ), and more performance (GitLab.com can be slow although we’re working on that https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/operations/issues/42 ).

A hybrid is also possible, with https://githost.io/ GitLab will manage your private server hosted on Digital Ocean.

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